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From 2012-2018, I founded and ran a small underground theater company called Radix Troupe. We were a gritty troupe of actors, musicians, sound and lighting designers, filmmakers, dancers, blacksmiths, and other artisans who came together to play and create from scratch. It was a wild, magical time of pure art making. 

Here's a list of the original plays, short films, music, soundscapes, and theatrical adaptations we produced:

The Awakening, RADIX original short film, inspired by the myth of Frankenstein

Black Rider, RADIX original, inspired by an 18th c. German devil-tale

The Distance of the Moon, RADIX adaptation of Italo Calvino's Cosmicomic

Elizaveta Bam, by Daniil Kharms

Game of Masks, RADIX original

The Lady Aoi, by Yukio Mishima

The Lonely Maestro, RADIX original

The Tragedy of Portia, Princess of Verona, RADIX original

Tree of Codes, RADIX original, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer's erasure poem

Undream, RADIX original, inspired by the short film "Un Chien Andalou"

Zangezi, RADIX adaptation of the supersaga by Velimir Khlebnikov

Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy, RADIX original short film, winner of "Best Fantasy Film" at the 2017 Roswell Sci-Fi Film Festival & Galacticon

Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy's Immersive Haunted House Party

Legacy pages for these memories can be found on
Instagram and Facebook

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